Twitter Hack: 400 million records stolen?

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The company Hudson Rocks has spread the news on Twitter that a user offers 400 million data sets from Twitter users in a forum on the dark web. The tricky thing: there should also be information from prominent politicians.

The company Hudson Rocks, a company for cybercrime investigations, has published a screenshot of an underground forum as evidence: the user "Ryushi" offers in his post 400 million data sets that he claims to have ended up on Twitter. This should contain the Twitter name, e-mail and telephone number for each user. Actually not particularly critical data. However, the data should also include information on US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, former US President Donald Trump, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of the cryptocurrency Ether.

🔎 400 million Twitter data for sale? The company Hudson Rocks showed a screenshot of an underground forum in a Twitter post as evidence.

User wants 400 million Twitter records

The user published the following text in the forum (the text was freely translated, e-mail names and links were removed).

“Hello dear injured users
i am selling the data of +400 million twitter users that was leaked via a security breach, this data is completely private and it includes emails and phone numbers of celebrities, politicians, corporations, regular users and a lot of original and special usernames.

You can read the full purpose of using the data here: https://xxxxxxxxx
Twitter or Elon Musk, if you're reading this, you're already risking a GDPR penalty for 5,4M data breaches. What kind of penalty will it entail for 400 million users' data. Your best option to avoid paying like Facebook $276M in GDPR penalties (because 533M users were tapped) is to buy that data exclusively.
This can go through the official owner Mittelsmann here @ xxxxxxx or admin @ xxxxxxx, after that I will delete this thread and will no longer sell this data.

The data will also not be sold to anyone else, which will save many celebrities and politicians from phishing, crypto scams, sim swapping, doxxing and other things.

Imagine famous content creators and influencers being hacked on Twitter. This will surely make them leave the platform and ruin your dream of having a twitter video platform for content creators, especially since you made the mistake of changing twitter policies which resulted in immense backlash. If you (Elon) are unsure, just do a poll on Twitter as usual and people will decide fate. But it is and remains your company's fault that this data was breached."

400 million Twitter data: real or fake?

The user also provides dozens of data sets from known people. Hudson Rocks, a cybercrime intelligence company, believes the data shown is genuine. Whether the provider really has more than 400 million data records is unknown.

If the user sells the data, it can become inconvenient for Twitter and Elon Musk. Because this is a clear violation of the DSGVO or GDPR. In Europe, Facebook parent Meta recently had to pay 265 million euros for its data breach.



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