Teamdrive with new version

Teamdrive with new version

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The new version 5 of the cloud application TeamDrive is available for download ready. According to the manufacturer, TeamDrive 5 has over 50 new and improved functions.

The most important innovations are: Introduction of a new group management for large teams, numerous functions to increase productivity, simplification of workflows in the company, a modernized user interface and a security concept that has been reinforced again.

user feedback

Most of the new and expanded functions are based on user feedback, emphasizes TeamDrive Managing Director Detlef Schmuck. He says: “Our product, technical and sales teams have listened carefully to our customers in order to optimize the overall experience when using TeamDrive. The result is new functions for large companies, especially for central administration, as well as for freelancers, the self-employed and smaller companies to integrate their customers and clients more easily. We have further strengthened the security of TeamDrive across all company sizes. The new TeamDrive 5 is a complete solution for companies of all sizes to work with confidential data in a protected environment with a modern and intuitive user interface."

Easy onboarding

Inviting and collaborating with customers and clients via a free guest license has been greatly simplified in TeamDrive 5. Simply entering an e-mail address starts a fully automated process to grant a new user secure access to confidential files. The steps required for an inexperienced user to intuitively access the data released for them have been significantly reduced in the new Version 5. This makes it particularly easy for agencies, consulting firms, tax consultants, auditors and other service providers to share confidential information with their customers or clients while complying with all legal requirements.

Company-wide use

A comprehensive package of functions has been added to the new version 5 for the company-wide use of TeamDrive. Groups can be set up and managed via a central administration. The highlight: By separating central group administration and local group use, the unique zero-knowledge principle at TeamDrive is also continued in this case. In this case, zero knowledge means that the central administration does not receive any access keys to confidential data, although it manages the groups. In other words: Confidentiality is maintained even with the administrator. This is important because the administrator represents a security risk per se because, without the zero-knowledge concept, he would have access to practically all information, no matter how confidential.

For example, if a space administrator grants a group access to a data room, only the person responsible for the data room knows how the group is being used. If a group member is removed from or added to a group centrally, all corresponding space actions, i.e. "remove or add member", are automatically carried out and monitored by all spaces. As a result, employees who leave a company, for example, are automatically revoked all access authorizations to all spaces. Since these functions are not only important for large companies, version 5 makes them available to all TeamDrive users, regardless of the size of the company.

Additional security features

This also applies to new additional security functions such as local encryption, application protection and 2-factor authentication in the desktop application. When used company-wide, these settings can be managed centrally for all employees.

A novel snapshot-based ransomware recovery function package protects against cyber attacks and fatal operating errors. This allows administrators to view snapshots as recovery points in a simple and intuitive way and integrate them if necessary. Thus, mishaps, malfunctions and attacks can be reversed, and data can be quickly and easily restored to a specific point in time with just a few clicks. New video tutorials explain these advanced security options.

Made in Germany

TeamDrive is regarded as "secure Sync&Share software made in Germany" for storing, synchronizing and sharing data and documents. The basis is a consistent end-to-end encryption that ensures that only the user himself can read the data - neither TeamDrive nor any authority in the world can decrypt the data. This technical and legally binding security is appreciated by over 500.000 users and more than 5.500 companies from all sectors, from industry to healthcare and law firms, business and tax consulting to public administration. TeamDrive ensures that all data is stored exclusively on servers in Germany and guarantees compliance with German data protection legislation. TeamDrive supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. With the newly added Hornetdrive service, this position will be further expanded.

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About TeamDrive

TeamDrive is regarded as "secure Sync&Share software made in Germany" for storing, synchronizing and sharing data and documents. The basis is a consistent end-to-end encryption that ensures that only the user himself can read the data - neither TeamDrive nor any authority in the world can decrypt the data. More than 500.000 users and more than 5.500 companies from all sectors appreciate this technical and legally binding security.


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