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Signal and Telegram users: spy on fake apps from China 
Signal and Telegram users: Spying on fake apps from China - Image by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

Chinese hackers are accessing personal user data using fake messenger apps. This includes message content, contact details and call logs. Particularly perfidious: The two bugs disguised as legitimate apps were available via the official app stores Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Store. The applications are still available from the Korean manufacturer. By May 2023, the hackers targeted thousands of users around the world. A main target is Germany. The team led by ESET researcher Lukas Stefanko has discovered the two apps “Signal Plus Messenger” and “FlyGram”, which prove to be legitimate signal...

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WhatsApp worm variant for Signal, Telegram and Skype

WhatsApp worm now also attacks via Signal, Telegram or Skype users. Malware has evolved and is now also using other messenger apps to spread. Messenger service users currently have to be careful. At the end of January, we published a security warning about a WhatsApp worm that spreads via supposed profit notifications. Further development of the malicious app The criminals have since developed the malicious app significantly. In its latest version, the malware also spreads through other messenger services such as Signal, Telegram, Skype and Viber. In the message sent by infected contacts, the malicious app promises after clicking on the link ...

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