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Barracuda trades malware-affected ESGs for free
Barracuda News

Attackers recently exploited a vulnerability in Barracuda Email Security Gateways (ESG). In some cases, the attackers were able to place malware that is still active after an update. Barracuda informs affected customers and even replaces the ESGs free of charge. In a statement, Barracuda explains the situation regarding security gaps and Email Security Gateway (ESG). The detailed vulnerability described is explained under CVE-2023-2868. The provided update is also recommended there. In addition, security specialist Mandiant investigated the incident and wrote an interesting blog post. In it, Mandiant leads…

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Barracuda: Replace attacked ESG hardware
B2B Cyber ​​Security ShortNews

The otherwise secure Barracuda Email Security Gateway Appliances (ESG) have a problem: In mid-May 2023, Barracuda identified the vulnerability (CVE-2023-28681) on their appliances, which was actively attacked. However, the existing security update is not able to close backdoors created by malware. Barracuda therefore recommends immediate hardware replacement. Initially, as with many vulnerabilities found, all started: On May 18, 2023, Barracuda was made aware of anomalous traffic originating from Barracuda Email Security Gateway (ESG) appliances. The very next day, Barracuda identified the vulnerability (CVE-2023-28681) which was already being actively exploited....

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