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Phishing: Dangerous invoices from law firms
B2B Cyber ​​Security ShortNews

The Threat Fusion Center (TFC), a division of BlueVoyant, has uncovered the “NaurLegal” phishing campaign with fake invoices from law firms. The attackers rely on PDF documents, OneNote or Excel files that are infected with malware. The attackers pose as law firms and abuse the trust that their victims place in legal service providers. The campaign is called “NaurLegal” and the attacks are believed to have been orchestrated by cybercrime group Narwhal Spider (also known as Storm-0302, TA544). The attackers disguise malicious PDF files as authentic-looking invoices from reputable law firms - a tactic...

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Banking Trojan Qbot: new wave of attacks

With the help of a new wave of attacks with infected PDFs, the banking Trojan Qbot wants to spread further. Companies in particular often get the infected files delivered to their mailbox. The phishing campaign also spreads via German-language malicious files. Kaspersky experts detected a new wave of Qbot malware activity earlier this month. It targets business users and is distributed via malicious spam email campaign. The cybercriminals use advanced social engineering techniques for their project: they intercept existing e-mail correspondence and forward malicious PDF attachments within the conversation. To date, Kaspersky solutions have received more than 5.000 such emails...

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