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2023: over 400.000 new malicious files per day

It's just one manufacturer that's on the lookout for new malware around the clock: Kaspersky discovered an average of 2023 new malicious files per day in 411.000; this corresponds to an increase of almost three percent compared to the previous year. More than half (53 percent) of attacks involved malicious Microsoft Office and other types of documents. There has also been a significant increase in backdoor Trojans that can control infected systems - 40.000 discoveries were made every day this year. Kaspersky security solutions discovered an average of 2023 new malicious...

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Cyber ​​attacks doubled in Q3 / 2020

G DATA threat analysis: further doubling of cyber attacks in the third quarter. Attackers are still taking advantage of the corona pandemic to attack companies and private users. In the third quarter of the year, the cyber defense specialists from Bochum had to fend off almost twice as many cyber attacks as in the second quarter of 2020. With large campaigns, attackers attack both private computers and company networks. Particularly active: Malware such as Emotet, Agent Tesla, Gozi or RanumBot. The insecurity of people in the Corona crisis and the continued high number of employees working from home are causing cybercrime to boom. Q2 to Q3: Plus of 99,1 ...

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