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iOS 16: Simulated flight mode as a hidden hack
iOS 16: Simulated flight mode as a hidden hack - Photo by Sten Ritterfeld on Unsplash

Jamf Threat Labs has developed a technique on iOS16 that can simulate airplane mode. In concrete terms, this means that hackers could exploit this opportunity to trick the victim into thinking that the device's flight mode is turned on. However, malware is working in the background. The attacker actually installed an artificial flight mode (after successfully using an exploit on the device). This changes the user interface so that the airplane mode symbol is displayed and the Internet connection to all apps is interrupted - except the application that the hacker wants to use. The technology has probably not yet been used by malicious...

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Apple iOS16 Feature: Passwordless Access with Passkeys
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Apple introduced the new iOS16 and announced an exciting new feature: Passwordless Access with Passkeys. This is the first time that public keys have been introduced for security. An explanation of the technique with commentary from Okta. The industry has always known that public key encryption is a more secure alternative to passwords. However, no one has managed to make their use easy enough to achieve widespread adoption - until now. Passkeys use public-key cryptography and FIDO2 authentication, making them essentially phishing-proof while maintaining the same level of...

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