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Darknet prices for passports, credit cards or PayPal accounts

Information has its value: In a report, Bitdefender has determined which market prices apply to personal information and documents on the dark web. A German identity card is available from as little as 2.500 euros. Facebook and LinkedIn access are available as cheap goods. The dark web is a large exchange for selling personal information. Many of the offers aimed at criminals are themselves fraudulent. But information has its market price. In a recent report, Bitdefender Labs documented what some digital identity assets are worth. Personal documents are the most expensive. Access data to social media accounts such as Facebook…

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Secure Wordpress login with a digital identity card
B2B Cyber ​​Security ShortNews

Electronic identity can now be used free of charge in WordPress for strong login authentication via a plugin. Classic login can hardly be hacked anymore. The Wordpress market share in Germany is around 46 percent. After the recent release of an "eID-Login" app for Nextcloud, ecsec GmbH once again acted on behalf of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and now has an "eID-Login" plugin for the freely available and market-leading WordPress content management System (CMS) developed and published under an open source license. In connection with the SkIDentity service, the ID card with online ID function can…

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