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Update: EZVIZ cameras with vulnerabilities
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Bitdefender recently published and described the vulnerabilities in 10 million EZVIZ cameras and called for the firmware to be updated. EZVIZ itself comments on this and thanks for the cooperation with Bitdefender and requests the customers to update via push notifications. BitDefender has diagnosed three security vulnerabilities in five product models of EZVIZ cameras and described them in detail. To fix the vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-2471, CVE-2022-2472) on the products and one on the cloud platform, EZVIZ has released an updated firmware. Since September 14, 2022, the public safety notice has been available on the company website at EZVIZ....

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Ten million EZVIZ cameras with vulnerabilities 

Bitdefender Labs security researchers have discovered several vulnerabilities in popular EZVIZ smart cameras. Hackers can combine them and gain control over systems and access to content. An estimated ten million devices are affected. To do this, the perpetrators bypass existing authentication mechanisms. Bitdefender has informed the manufacturer and provided updates. Users should definitely patch and update their cameras. It is estimated that around ten million devices are affected. The estimate is based on known Android and iOS installations. Access to the video feed Hackers can use the gaps in unpatched cameras on the one hand…

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