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Global Threats: Data Protection for Local Data

Ransomware attacks, data stealer attacks, exploits for vulnerabilities: Even if the attacks are global, they are aimed at local, partly decentralized data storage. Here it is important to rethink data protection and use other solutions. The Federal Office for Security and Information Technology (BSI) recorded 68 successful ransomware attacks, i.e. an average of more than one success for cyber criminals per week, in 2023. In the IT Security Germany 2023 management report, the BSI reports an average of 2000 new vulnerabilities in software products per year A quarter of a million new malware variants every month and every day. However, alongside the threats,...

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Test: 33 protection solutions against data stealers and ransomware

The independent test laboratory AV-TEST tested 33 protection solutions in defense tests against data stealers and ransomware. The products for companies and individual workstations consistently demonstrate strong defense performance against specific threats. The list of attacked companies, universities, colleges or institutions such as hospitals and administrations in the media is getting longer and longer. Classic protection products or company solutions must combine all of their protection technologies to defend against cyber attacks. The Advanced Threat Protection test shows how well they do this in 10 real attack scenarios. In the current test, the protection solutions have to defend the Windows systems against data stealers and ransomware...

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