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Ransomware attacks: via remote device into the network
Ransomware attacks: via remote device into the network - AI

Successful ransomware groups are increasingly switching to remote encryption, according to Sophos' latest CryptoGuard report. The problem: traditional anti-ransomware protection does not “see” the disaster coming and is ineffective. The type of attack has increased by 62 percent. Sophos has published its new report “CryptoGuard: An Asymmetric Approach to the Ransomware Battle” with the evaluations of its CryptoGuard defense technology. The most successful and active ransomware groups such as Akira, ALPHV/BlackCat, LockBit, Royal or Black Basta are consciously switching to remote encryption for their attacks. With this so-called “remote ransomware”, cybercriminals use a compromised and often poorly protected device to steal data on other…

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