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Microsoft Defender can be tricked
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Microsoft's antivirus program Defender contains a component that is intended to detect and prevent the execution of malicious code using Rundll32.exe. However, this mechanism can be easily tricked, as a security researcher has discovered. All that is needed for the cyber attack is a simple comma to get past Microsoft Defender. All you have to do is insert an additional comma in the correct place in the code below and Microsoft Defender will see a harmless file instead of the threat. Security researcher John Page discovered the critical vulnerability. The vulnerability was discovered by Computer Emergency Response…

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Slight decrease in attacks on industrial systems

Kaspersky has evaluated the data from its industrial cybersecurity solutions (ICS-Cert). In the second half of 2, over 2022 malware families were detected and blocked. Overall, this is a slight decline compared to the first half of the year. Most attacks started with malicious scripts, phishing sites or spyware. In the second half of 1.300, Kaspersky's security solutions blocked malware from 1 different families on industrial systems in the areas of building automation, automotive, oil and gas, energy or mechanical engineering in the DACH region. Compared to the previous half year (2022 percent) and the second half of 1.292 (16 percent), the number has decreased. The…

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