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Report highlights cyber threats to automotive industry
Report reveals cyber threats to automotive industry

Cyber ​​Threats: The 2023 VicOne Automotive Cyberthreat Landscape Report identifies the supply chain as the primary target of increasing cyberattacks on the automotive industry. This also shows a list of cyber-based trends and incidents that have threatened the automotive industry. VicOne has unveiled its new Automotive Cyberthreat Landscape Report 2023. The comprehensive annual report on cyber threats across the automotive industry is based on data from automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and dealers worldwide and includes the following key points: Evidence of growing use and monetization of automotive data - and the associated risk of exploitation by cybercriminals A list…

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Bluetooth Hack – Millions of cars like Tesla or mobile devices at risk
Bluetooth hacked - millions of cars, devices and locking systems at risk

NCC Group performs the world's first link-layer-relay attack (hack) on Bluetooth Low Energy and uncovers vulnerabilities in proximity-based mechanisms, which NCC Group says also kills millions of cars such as the Tesla 3 or Y, as well as mobile devices and locking systems are at risk. Global cyber security expert NCC Group announced today that it has carried out the world's first link layer relay attack on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE is a standard protocol for data exchange between devices used by companies for short-range authentication to protect millions of vehicles, smart locks...

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BSI: Secure digitalization in the car
News B2B Cyber ​​Security

On the occasion of a meeting with representatives of the automotive industry, BSI President Arne Schönbohm explains on the subject of secure digitization in cars: “Today, no newly developed car can do without digital technology. Digitization enables new functions and services in vehicles, but also new opportunities in automotive development and production. Information security is thus becoming a key success factor in automobile construction, because possible cyber attacks must not have any influence on driving safety or the functions of the car. At the same time, nobody will buy a self-driving car if it is not safe. Potential hazards must early in the development cycle of new models ...

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