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Huge rise in endpoint ransomware

WatchGuard's Internet Security Report Q4/2022 shows the increase in endpoint ransomware and less network malware. The analysis confirms that encrypted connections have become the method of choice for spreading malware. The latest WatchGuard Internet Security Report (ISR) for the fourth quarter of 2022 shows how massively end devices are the focus of attackers. While the number of malware detected on the network is declining, the researchers at the Threat Lab have seen a surge in ransomware on endpoints - the increase is a staggering 627 percent. Over 600 percent more ransomware…

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In the sights: Old, unpatched Internet Explorer

WastedLoader: Cyber ​​criminals target unpatched Internet Explorer with malvertising. With WastedLoader, Bitdefender has discovered a new variant of the dangerous ransomware malware "WastedLocker". It is part of a new RIG exploit kit campaign and attacks users via unpatched versions of Internet Explorer. The campaign uses VBScript vulnerabilities for this purpose when users visit a legitimate website and click on malicious advertising (malvertising). The variant is also able to deliver a ransomware component, but does not yet do so in its current version. Ransomware WastedLoader The new variant, which Bitdefender named WastedLoader, communicates with a Command & Control server, which is ...

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