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Cloud security checklist
Cloud terms cloud

Companies should take advantage of the (first) calm after the pandemic storm and work through their checklist for cloud security in companies. There are always areas that can be better protected. The pandemic has caused quite a bit in the world. As far as IT is concerned, a catchphrase from Silicon Valley would probably best describe what IT teams around the world had to achieve: "Build the aircraft while it flies." Without any delay, in the lockdown situation, it was suddenly necessary to enable countless new remote workplaces in order to guarantee business continuities. A key tool in all of this: the cloud….

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Ransomware as a franchise model

If a demand is met in a market, this can be successful. So-called fast food franchise ransomware is a successful business model based on the ransomware-as-a-service model. Sophos Labes recently published the new report “Color by Numbers: Inside a Dharma Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) Attack”. For the first time, the report gives a deep insight into the automated attack script and the toolset made available to cybercriminals by the ransomware creators, including the back-end infrastructure and other malicious tools. The report also illustrates how Dharma will target small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in 2020….

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Ransomware: from the victim's point of view
Attack ransomware workplace

The specialist Sophos knows the process and the consequences of a successful ransomware attack only too well. From the victim's perspective: This is how a ransomware attack works. No organization wants to become a victim of cyber crime. But if there are security holes, it is likely that attackers will find them and exploit them. And it can be months or even longer before the victim even notices the condition. So-called incident responders help companies to identify, block and mitigate attacks and their effects. This monitoring by specialists also enables a precise analysis of attack patterns and, as a result ...

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