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Clinic deregistered from emergency care after cyber attack
B2B Cyber ​​Security ShortNews

After a cyber attack, the Dreifaltigkeits Hospital in Lippstadt and two other hospitals are temporarily unable to accept emergencies. After the attack, no one anymore had access to the patient data. “As in other cases, our employees and other experts who are very experienced in these matters are trying to restore the IT systems as quickly as possible,” it says on the hospital’s website. “This necessary process is carried out completely normally and carefully, but requires the time necessary in other cases of cyber attacks. For such cases, there are extensive outage concepts to ensure patient care...

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Cloud service fails - websites cannot be reached
F5 news

“On June 08.06.2021th, 5, many websites will no longer work or will only work with a delay. According to media reports, some large providers are affected. The reason for this is said to be a failure at the cloud service provider Fastly. A statement from David Warburton, Principal Threat Research Evangelist at F40 Labs, on the current global Internet issues. The failure highlights a thoroughly unpleasant long-term development of the Internet, centralization to a few providers. However, it is not due to the Internet itself. Even after almost XNUMX years, it still proves how well it was designed. Because it has many layers for resilience...

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More internet disruptions from COVID-19
Internet failure

ThousandEyes' new Internet Performance Report reveals the impact of COVID-19 on Internet disruption. These rose by 63 percent worldwide in March; Internet service providers were hit hardest. ThousandEyes, the internet and cloud intelligence company, announces the results of its first internet performance report 2020. This is a first-time study of the availability and performance of networks with regard to the Internet, including those of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), public cloud, content delivery network (CDN) and Domain Name System (DNS) -Sellers. By measuring the respective ...

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