Protection solutions for MacOS Sonoma tested


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The major test of protection software for companies and single-user PCs for MacOS took place for the first time in the AV-TEST laboratory under the MacOS version Sonoma 14.3. 12 products tested showed what they can do in the areas of protection, system load and usability. One product surprised us with a slip-up. 

The increasing tensions in the world, the rise in ransomware or infostealers and many dangerous phishing attacks are not exempt from the Mac world either. On the contrary: the attacks are increasing because cyber criminals see great potential in the Mac user group. Attacks via infostealers in particular are also very current in the Mac universe. In addition, there are vulnerabilities in popular software with a cloud connection that attackers immediately exploit. Therefore, perfect protection for MacOS is essential.

MacOS Sonoma: 12 protection packages tested

🔎 The most important protection solutions for MacOS under Sonoma in the test (Image: AV-TEST).

In their quarterly test Q1 from January to March 2024, the laboratory experts at AV-TEST examined 4 endpoint solutions for companies and 8 products for single-user PCs. For the first time, the new version MacOS Sonoma 14.3 was used as a test platform. All products were tested in the test areas of protection, system load and usability. The testers awarded up to 6 points for each area. The best score in the test was therefore 18 points.

Solutions from Bitdefender, Crowdstrike, Sophos and Trellix were tested as corporate products. Products from Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, Clario, Kaspersky, Norton and Trend Micro were tested for single-user PCs.

The final result of the test shows that most products achieve the highest possible score of 18. A few are just below that with 17,5 points. Only one product achieves only 16 points.

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AV-TEST GmbH is an independent provider of services in the field of IT security and anti-virus research with a focus on the identification and analysis of the latest malware and its use in comprehensive comparative tests. The fact that the test data is up-to-date enables the quick-response analysis of new malware, the early detection of virus trends, and the investigation and certification of IT security solutions. The results of the AV-TEST Institute represent an exclusive information base and serve manufacturers for product optimization, specialist magazines for the publication of results and end customers for orientation in product selection.

The company AV-TEST has been operating in Magdeburg since 2004 and employs more than 30 people with profound specialist and practical experience. The laboratories are equipped with 300 client and server systems in which more than 2.500 terabytes of self-determined test data of harmful and harmless information are stored and processed. Further information can be found at


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