New Fireboxes from WatchGuard

New Fireboxes from WatchGuard

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WatchGuard introduces new T-Series Fireboxes: Connection to the Unified Security Platform, improved hardware performance and additional functions increase the protection of organizations of all kinds.

WatchGuard Technologies today announced the availability of new T-Series Fireboxes. The T25/T25-W, T45/T45-POE/T45-W-POE and T85-POE tabletop firewall appliances are built on WatchGuard's Unified Security Platform architecture. Comprehensive security functionalities are made available via the connection to the WatchGuard Cloud – including simple configuration and administration. Organizations that are decentralized or that have to deal with numerous remote connections in day-to-day business benefit in particular. These can now be protected even better against the latest threats in the field of network security.

In order to meet the increased demands in terms of processing speed, the new Fireboxes also have more RAM and offer higher throughput. WatchGuard partners, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT administrators are able to protect branch offices, individual offices, remote endpoints, retail POS stations and remote users from complex and emerging threats while meeting the requirements for Minimize network configuration and management.

Benefits of the Unified Security Platform architecture fully exploited

“Regardless of their type and size, today's IT environments face a threat landscape in which increasingly advanced and sophisticated attack scenarios are taking effect. However, SMBs and branch offices in particular typically do not have the dedicated technical staff to configure, install and manage the network security appliances necessary for protection,” said Ryan Poutre, product manager at WatchGuard Technologies. “This new generation of fireboxes takes full advantage of our Unified Security Platform architecture. MSPs have the market-leading solutions and simplified management capabilities they need to fully meet the diverse needs of customers and diverse deployment scenarios.”

Updates to WatchGuard Cloud

With market-leading, enterprise-class security services - including APT Blocker with sandboxing functionality for malware detection and ThreatSync for knowledge sharing between the endpoint and the network - the new Fireboxes are ideal for small businesses that do not have their own security team. The new appliances not only offer advanced malware protection for distributed environments, but also include SD-WAN to optimize network performance. To do this, company-wide network traffic is dynamically distributed across multiple connections based on defined policies. The new Fireboxes leverage the latest WatchGuard Cloud updates to provide real-time graphical updates of SD-WAN link status and failover events. They also support the latest Fireware multipath load balancing features. These features are included in all WatchGuard product packages.

The most important highlights of the new Fireboxes in detail

WatchGuard Firebox T25/T25-W: As a stand-alone installation or centrally managed solution, offers comprehensive protection in Small Offices/Home Offices (SOHO) scenarios as well as in retail with uncompromised network security at an enterprise level. Zero-touch deployment via the WatchGuard Cloud enables quick setup at all remote locations. Both models provide UTM throughput of up to 403 Mbit/s (with Gateway Antivirus, IPS and Application Control) and five 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The W variant also enables a WLAN connection.

WatchGuard Firebox T45/T45-POE/T45-W-POE: Offers enterprise-grade security to SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) as a stand-alone installation or centrally managed solution. IT admins get more visibility into network activity and security events. Flexible management tools enable quick setup of secure connections at remote locations. The Fireboxes provide UTM throughput of up to 557 Mbit/s and five 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The PoE models have a PoE+ connection, which is used to supply power to WiFi access points, for example.

WatchGuard Firebox T85 POE: This high-performance model adapts flexibly to increasing network requirements and provides SD-WAN, full UTM protection with a throughput of over 940 Mbit/s and expansion modules for integrated fiber optic or 4G connectivity. In addition, two Power-over-Ethernet ports can be used to supply power to peripheral devices.

Efficient provision via cloud connection

"The new Firebox tabletop appliances from WatchGuard are not only particularly powerful - the models can also be efficiently rolled out and configured via zero-touch provisioning via cloud connection. Firmware can also be updated and policies applied after a remote user activates the device. This feature also helps us to quickly deploy and configure SD-WAN from remote locations via the WatchGuard Cloud,” said Matthias Knörich, Managing Partner of LargeNet GmbH. "The new appliances are another prime example of how WatchGuard incorporates MSSP needs into new product development."

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About WatchGuard

WatchGuard Technologies is one of the leading providers in the field of IT security. The extensive product portfolio ranges from highly developed UTM (Unified Threat Management) and next-generation firewall platforms to multifactor authentication and technologies for comprehensive WLAN protection and endpoint protection, as well as other specific products and intelligent services relating to IT security . More than 250.000 customers worldwide rely on the sophisticated protection mechanisms at enterprise level,

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