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How active is B2B Cyber ​​

All news, news & stories that are posted on our portal are simultaneously distributed on many other portals. Here is a small overview of the social media channels on which we are present every day with all reports:

So that readers can share interesting articles on the website right away, we offer a corresponding "Share" function at the beginning of each article. In this way, some articles are also distributed further via other channels, such as WhatsApp.

The advantages of a partner channel

With a partner channel, our partners get their own area that lists all the reports from a company sorted by time. Of course, all of a partner's reports can also be found in the individual sections Stories, PR Reports and Short News. On request, each channel is also available as an RSS feed.

We offer the partner channel for companies and agencies that want to distribute various reports or articles quickly, easily and widely on a professional platform. We have two annual packages available:

  • Package 1: 12 reports per year
  • Package 2: 24 reports per year
  • Package 3: 36 reports per year

Agencies can also use the packages for their different customers, but then without a special channel (subpage).

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