LockBit: Stolen Shimano data probably published

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According to LockBit, the Japanese bicycle parts manufacturer Shimano was the target of a ransomware attack and was apparently unwilling to pay the ransom. The blackmail gang then threatened to put the stolen data online. Now they are probably available.

Cybercriminals from LockBit say they have successfully penetrated the Japanese manufacturer's network and accessed several terabytes of data. After Shimano ignored an ultimatum from the attackers, they announced that they would publish the stolen company data. More than 4,5 terabytes of various company data are said to appear on the darknet page of the Russian ransomware group LockBit. Now that the ultimatum has expired, LockBit has released a lot of data. Experts still have to clarify whether they really come from Shimano.

LockBit claims to have stolen 4,5 terabytes of data

🔎 On the Lockbit leak page there is a note that 4,5 GB of data from Shimano is online (Image: B2B-CS).

The leaked data is said to contain numerous financial documents as well as personal data of employees and customers. Various drawings, diagrams, test evaluations and development material are also supposedly included, as are NDAs and contracts. LockBit is one of the most active ransomware gangs currently. Recently, the Russian-speaking gang caused a sensation with an attack on the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing. A statement from Shimano is still pending. There is also no reference to the cyber attack on the Shimano homepage.

More at Shimano.com


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