Google Cloud: Data analysis to identify attack patterns

Google Cloud: Data analysis to identify attack patterns

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NTT DATA partners with Google Cloud for more cyber security. Organizations can privately retain, analyze, and search logs from security and network components, and applications that generate them, to identify attack patterns and trigger automated responses.

This collaboration concerns the Chronicle Security Operations Suite with Chronicle SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) as well as Chronicle SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) and VirusTotal, which is built and developed as a specialized layer on top of the core infrastructure of Google Cloud.


Data analysis can detect attacks

NTT DATA also offers this as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), which further enhances the consulting firm's long-term partnership with Google. The technological competence of Google as a search engine provider - to search huge amounts of data quickly and precisely and to present relevant results - plays into the hands of the joint security project. The company has an increasing focus on security and has invested billions in it in recent years.

If a company wants to detect attacks on its systems at an early stage, it has to collect an increasing amount of data and search through the resulting log data as quickly as possible. In order to then be able to react appropriately to actual attacks, the accuracy of the data analysis must be right in addition to the speed: If the solution is “overly sensitive” to anomalies, the company will be overwhelmed with false alarms; if it is too lax, real attacks may go undetected.


SIEM and SOAR for Google Cloud

Google's cloud answer to this challenge is Chronicle SIEM and SOAR for cybersecurity automation, a topic that is becoming increasingly important due to the shortage of cybersecurity specialists. The cloud-native approach to detecting, investigating, mitigating, and remediating attacks leverages Google's data analytics expertise and brings together all security telemetry to automatically respond to attack patterns.

But high-performance technology alone does not lead to the goal, because its implementation determines the success of a solution. That's why Google brought NTT DATA on board as a strategic partner for the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. Its security experts know the local companies, their specific challenges and the legal requirements for data protection and compliance. With this background, they support companies by defining the most accurate rules possible for attack detection and developing individual response strategies including risk prioritization and playbooks.

Google Cloud now knows privacy and compliance

"Chronicle was designed to give organizations an edge in the fight against cybercrime," said Koen van Erp, Head of Channel Sales EMEA, Google Cloud Security. “To be effective, the tools must be combined with security expertise. NTT DATA's extensive front-line expertise complements our technology seamlessly. We are pleased about the partnership with NTT DATA, which specializes in defending against digital cybercrime in the DACH region.”

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