The risk situation is completely under control

The risk situation is completely under control

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Centralized monitoring and automated threat prevention across all network security and endpoint security products: With ThreatSync, WatchGuard now offers a comprehensive XDR solution as part of the Unified Security Platform.

WatchGuard Technologies is now adding value to its Unified Security Platform architecture with ThreatSync as an easy-to-use eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) solution. This centralizes monitoring and automated threat prevention across all network security and endpoint security products, providing a further boost to effectively deal with threats on the foundation of a comprehensive security platform.

Comprehensive security platform

Bringing event data from the firewall, endpoint host sensor, and other security intelligence feeds together into a single view enables a whole new level of control. Potential threats can be quickly identified and averted across all solutions.

"Against the background of constantly changing attack scenarios, when it comes to protecting complex networks, what matters most is a holistic view and smooth interaction of the individual defense mechanisms," says Ricardo Arroyo, Principal Product Manager at WatchGuard Technologies.

“With ThreatSync, our partners and customers benefit from true XDR capabilities based on the integration of our far-reaching security components. ThreatSync ensures sovereign handling of IT security. Those responsible for security can work more precisely and efficiently. This reduces both risks and costs - and all with a degree of precision that could not be achieved in other ways."

MSPs benefit from XDR

🔎 Cross-platform threat detection (Image: WatchGuard)

The solution promises decisive advantages above all for Managed Security Providers (MSP): Employees are relieved because the teams can now share their knowledge via a single security platform. At the same time, XDR increases protection and ensures improved results by combining different layers of security. Key features of WatchGuard's ThreatSync solution include:

  • Zero configuration – WatchGuard security products are known for their ease of implementation and management. From licensing to operations, WatchGuard is designed to further simplify day-to-day administration, in line with the overarching mission of providing a platform that simplifies every aspect of security deployment. This is where ThreatSync fits in seamlessly as an integrated, cross-product key component of the Unified Security Platform. The costs for the configuration and integration of several individual solutions that are usually required on the part of the user become obsolete as a result.
  • Comprehensive security – WatchGuard offers a complete portfolio of security products and services that work together to protect networks, users and endpoints. Powered by WatchGuard's network security and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities, ThreatSync is able to gather and correlate information about anomalies from the perimeter to the endpoint, and convert the found data into actionable insights in real time All from a single interface purpose-built for service providers' end-to-end security management.
  • Central view of threats - ThreatSync provides more accurate and faster threat detection by automatically merging alerts from all deployed WatchGuard powerhouses into a single interface. The central view of events relevant to servers, end devices and firewalls was specially tailored to the needs of IT security managers. Switching between multiple consoles and interfaces is no longer necessary. In addition to the argument of user-friendliness, ThreatSync scores with a more comprehensive consideration of the identified incidents. In this way, even advanced, complex attacks can be quickly detected and stopped.
  • Far-reaching threat detection – ThreatSync evaluates data from a wide range of protection layers and, thanks to correlation, recognizes a wide range of attack vectors. Complex threat scenarios can be tracked down more quickly. This reduces mean time to detect (MTTD)—along with the ability to quickly contain the impact, severity, and scope of a security attack.
  • Unified orchestration of threat mitigation – If security experts and IT administrators have the necessary information, immediate reactions are no longer a problem, even if the affected device is not directly accessible. Through automatic defense mechanisms, ThreatSync shortens the Mean Time to Respond (mean reaction time, MTTR) - additionally - with high accuracy. It is managed in the WatchGuard Cloud.

WatchGuard ThreatSync comes standard with every Firebox Total Security Suite (TSS) license and WatchGuard EDR and EPDR products. The more WatchGuard products a company uses, the greater the XDR capabilities and insights achievable via ThreatSync. With each additional solution component from WatchGuard, partners and customers gain more power in hazard prevention and at the same time benefit from more efficiency - both in terms of costs and the processing of day-to-day business.

ThreatSync in Firebox TSS as well as WatchGuard EDR and EPDR

"Our task as IT security professionals is to protect companies reliably at all times, despite increasingly complex threat scenarios. A cloud-based solution that collects and correlates security-relevant data across the entire product landscape is invaluable in this context. This means that reactions to incidents are much faster and more targeted,” says Helmut Hindriks, Managing Director of ICT GmbH. “Thus, adding such XDR capabilities to the already proven WatchGuard Unified Security Platform architecture plays into our hands. Thanks to ThreatSync, we can further increase the level of security for our customers.”

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About WatchGuard

WatchGuard Technologies is one of the leading providers in the field of IT security. The extensive product portfolio ranges from highly developed UTM (Unified Threat Management) and next-generation firewall platforms to multifactor authentication and technologies for comprehensive WLAN protection and endpoint protection, as well as other specific products and intelligent services relating to IT security . More than 250.000 customers worldwide rely on the sophisticated protection mechanisms at enterprise level,


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