Anti-ransomware: real-time detection against data encryption

Anti-ransomware: real-time detection against data encryption - photo by rishi on Unsplash

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New detection, alerting, and air-gapped resiliency capabilities give users better protection against ransomware attacks in hybrid clouds. Zerto Announces Real-Time Detection Against Data Encryption and Launches New Cyber ​​Resilience Vault.

Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, introduces a new method for real-time detection of encrypted data and an air gapped recovery vault. With real-time detection, organizations can identify early signs of data encryption, enabling early detection and mitigation of a potential ransomware attack. At the same time, Zerto introduces the physical appliance "Zerto Cyber ​​Resilience Vault" for the first time, which further improves the protection of data and enables a backup copy to be restored from an air-gapped solution.

Real-time detection: Find ransomware as early as possible

🔎 The real-time ransomware detection system is part of the Zerto VRA appliance (Image: Zerto).

Real-time detection of encryption anomalies is a new key tool for ransomware protection, now available for the first time with Zerto 10. The feature monitors and logs encryption as data flows and can detect anomalous encryption activity within minutes to alert users to suspicious activity. With this diagnostic capability, a potential ransomware attack can be detected as early as possible and the timing of the attack can be pinpointed. This enables data recovery to the second.

Survive the toughest ransomware scenarios

The new Zerto Cyber ​​Resilience Vault provides another layer of security that can be combined with the real-time early warning system. The vault consists of three core elements with a decentralized, zero-trust architecture that allows for fast, air-gapped recovery and ensures the fastest possible replication and detection, isolation and lockdown, and test and recovery. With the new Cyber ​​Resilience Vault, companies have the opportunity to use a reliable recovery storage that survives even the most severe ransomware scenarios. Zerto's Cyber ​​Resilience Vault combines security and performance to meet today's compliance requirements.

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About Zerto

Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, provides its customers with the ability to run their business resiliently by simplifying the protection, recovery and mobility of on-premises and cloud applications. The Zerto cloud data management and data protection platform removes the risk and complexity of migrations and cloud environments in private, public and hybrid clouds.

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