Risk management app for Microsoft 365

Risk management app for Microsoft 365

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The risk management app Cockpit is a ready-made plug & play solution that can be operated via desktop or smartphone. It identifies, analyzes and evaluates risks.

Smart IT solutions for automating tasks and processes are also becoming increasingly popular in the Microsoft 365 workplace. A risk management system is part of responsible and entrepreneurial action. It is part of information security and ensures security, continuity and availability. Regardless of the size of the company, companies are required to deal with risks in their business processes.

Smart risk management of possible threats

With the help of the new Adlon risk management app Cockpit, companies can systematically record and manage risks. It offers the risk manager an overall overview of the assets in need of protection and the risks as well as well-thought-out management processes. Risk owners benefit from easy assessment and treatment and automated reminders and processing templates. The app thus meets the requirements of the ISO 31001:2018 risk management standard and ISO 27001 as well as ISO 2301 business continuity management.

How does the risk management app work?

The app is a technology stack from Microsoft PowerPlatform and is integrated into the company's tenant. The pricing model provides for one-off costs instead of cost-per-user and license costs. Unlike other solutions on the market, there are no hidden or additional costs. The app can be operated via smartphone or desktop, which enables the integration of all employees (including frontline workers) into the digital workplace.

Who benefits from the solution?

Entrepreneurs who are aware of their management responsibilities and want to ensure information security and support it digitally. The solution is particularly useful when there are no resources available specifically for risk management and common industry software unnecessarily inflates the processing of risks. Regardless of the industry or company size, the solution pushes digital work by making Excel lists, manual entry and paper entry a thing of the past.

Ready-made IT solutions, more than problem solvers – misunderstood helpers

Adlon's plug & play solutions are based on Microsoft 365 or PowerPlatform modules. The IT solutions can be easily adapted and integrated into your own workplace, i.e. into your own tenant: Plug & Play. Thanks to the modular structure, the processes of the specialist departments are gradually being digitized. Without additional software (costs). This pushes internal digitalization and protects your own resources.

The operation is intuitive and meets the typical requirements:

  • Transparent illustration of the risk management process and the processes involved
  • Central overview of the criticality of risks
  • Data protection compliance (authorization/access) and stored deletion concept
  • Central storage of data or audit-proof mapping of all processes in order to
  • To be able to meet the obligation to provide information from control authorities
  • Simple search or selection
  • Processing by several people – distributed across several shoulders
  • Increasing awareness, ie raising awareness of risks and how to avoid them
  • Risk assessment through a uniform process
  • Appointment of those responsible and measures to avoid risks
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