Many German chambers of crafts remain offline

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The IT service provider ODAV was the victim of a cyber attack at the beginning of January. Since the service provider provides many services for the German Chamber of Crafts and also hosts the homepages, the pages have been lying idle for weeks. 

It is still not clear who attacked the service provider of the German Chamber of Crafts ODAV (first report here on January 11, 2024), but the effects are still obvious. Many websites of the nationwide chambers of crafts are still not accessible or are now operating with hastily set up emergency pages. Although these offer important information, they are far from offering the old services.

ODAV also remains offline

The service provider ODAV actually only shows the information that its services are offline. But underground you are probably already in the process of building a quick homepage with Wordpress. However, there is still no publication about the incident. It is not clear which APT group attacked the service provider and whether there may be a demand for a ransom.

The more than 50 chambers of crafts and trades are also still keeping a low profile about the attack and are only distributing the information that many of their systems and the homepage are still offline or at least offer the most important information and contact numbers.

Who is the attacker?

If you ask the highly praised AI services in this context, Google AI already wants to know a culprit, but cannot name a source. The copilot from Microsoft, on the other hand, lists many sources that do not know who is to blame.

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