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B2B CYBER SECURITY offers IT stories, PR reports and news for the SME sector and large companies. As the portal title indicates, it is exclusively about B-to-B communication on the subject of security. B2B CYBER SECURITY is such an important medium, for example for CISOs, IT managers, system integrators or IT consultants. At the same time is B2B CYBER SECURITY The contact point for agencies and PR departments who want to forward important information on cyber security, solutions, products and concepts to the right addresses.  

Do you have important information for us that fits into our portfolio? Then send us everything by email to the editorial office of B2B CYBER SECURITY.


Who is behind B2B CYBER SECURITY?

Markus Selinger, in the IT business for 30 years (Photo: MedPressIT GbR).

The idea, conception and implementation of the platform B2B CYBER SECURITY comes from me, Markus Selinger. I've been in the IT publishing industry since 1990 and have gained important experience in a wide range of areas over the last 30 years. So I started as a simple IT editor at the magazine Computer Personal and later developed into a magazine designer and editor-in-chief of many magazines and projects in Germany and Switzerland.

Since 2012, many specialist publishers and customers from the IT industry have been using the services of my own company with all journalistic skills and IT expertise (Editorial office). Many companies have been around since the very first days B2B CYBER SECURITY already valuable partners - some of them even with their own partner channel.

If you too would like to bring pure B2B security topics to the right readers and partners, then talk to us. We only deliver our content to readers and interested parties without wastage. We don't have constantly artificially increasing click rates or clickbait, because we know that ten good contacts are worth more than thousands of uninteresting clicks.