Immutable memory protects against attacks

Immutable memory protects against attacks

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A survey of cybersecurity experts from companies with more than 1.000 employees confirms that 46 percent of respondents believe that generative AI increases their company's vulnerability to attacks.

This trend appears to be already well underway, with 75 percent of respondents confirming that they are seeing an increase in attacks compared to last year - 85 percent attributing this increase to the use of generative AI by cybercriminals. With generative AI, cyber fraudsters have even more options to adapt flexibly, use complex tactics to circumvent traditional data protection solutions and make life even more difficult for IT experts in companies. The best way to address these risks is with a layered defense strategy that includes immutable storage as a core component.

Rising threat from AI

Traditional cybersecurity measures such as firewalls and antivirus software rely on known threat patterns to protect data. Some of the security solutions also rely on AI to significantly improve protection. But at the same time, progress has also reached cyber criminals, who are also using AI models to develop new security threats at an ever-increasing pace. They can use these to analyze large amounts of data, find vulnerabilities, circumvent security measures or even imitate seemingly trustworthy network behavior. For example, a hacker could use AI to analyze a network's response to different intrusion attempts, learn from this analysis, and then develop an attack method that is more likely to be successful.

Multi-layered approach

A good security strategy is always based on several layers of defense, which in particular strengthen the resilience of data backup against attacks. The backup is the last line of defense if the upstream security measures do not work in the event of an attack. Arcserve, for example, has added an additional layer of protection to its data protection solution with the integration of Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Servers. This combines signature-based and signature-less malware detection, including a neural network that uses deep learning AI to stop attacks.

In the event of a cyberattack, immutable storage takes on a special role. When data is immutable and therefore cannot be encrypted by ransomware, immutable storage is an effective yet affordable approach. With this approach, companies can fall back on their backups in the event of a “successful” attack and do not have to fear the high ransoms required to decrypt the valuable data.

Secure storage

Backups to immutable storage are formatted as a write-once, read-once object. Once stored – on-premises or in the cloud with solutions like Amazon S3 Object Lock – these backups cannot be accidentally or intentionally deleted or overwritten. This provides companies with the crucial last line of defense that they can rely on even in the event of AI-controlled attacks. For cloud data protection, Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) provides data protection including immutable storage for scalable onsite and offsite business continuity.

The increase in AI-driven cyberattacks poses a daunting challenge for IT professionals. Therefore, the comprehensive approach to data protection is crucial. This starts with cybersecurity measures and ends with immutable backups that ensure recovery. This multi-layered strategy is essential to protect against traditional and AI-powered cyberattacks and maintain business continuity.

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