A lack of experts is greatly increasing demand for MDR 

A lack of experts is greatly increasing demand for MDR

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WatchGuard is responding to the increasingly clear demand for services to proactively deal with current threat trends with an MDR service that keeps an eye on the threat situation 24/7. Companies benefit from threat detection and defense “as a service”.

The new “Managed Detection & Response” (MDR) offering enables companies and especially managed service providers (MSPs) to map threat detection and defense around the clock without having to set up and manage their own security operations center (SOC). . The new 24/7 cybersecurity service, for which an AI-supported elite team of IT security experts is responsible, opens up easy access to professional MDR protection mechanisms.

Costs for experts and SoC saved

This makes extensive investments in conventional SOC infrastructure and the most advanced technologies obsolete. It is also no longer necessary to recruit the team of highly qualified personnel within your own ranks that is required for such a professional all-round view. In this way, consistent monitoring of current threat scenarios and a correspondingly timely response to immanent risks can be implemented without much effort.

“The new WatchGuard solution has clearly boosted our managed security services business, as we can easily exploit the immense potential of MDR and offer it to our customers as a value-added service,” said Rubén Saiz, Managing Director MTF Solutions AG, Liechtenstein Region, St .Gallen and Chur. The Swiss company is one of the first WatchGuard partners in German-speaking countries to have been working with the new service in the beta phase for some time.

“With WatchGuard MDR we can effectively shoulder the construction of a modern SOC. This gives us the opportunity to offer our customers exactly what they need most: world-class, comprehensive cybersecurity, based on the extensive expertise and years of experience of IT security professionals, ensuring robust defense against the consistently evolving threat landscape . WatchGuard hasn't just put us on the fast track in this regard. Implementing consistent protection is also incredibly easy thanks to the Unified Security Platform. In this way, we can secure a decisive lead in the competition.”

IT security as an all-round, worry-free package

The scalable and customizable MDR service fits tightly into WatchGuard's “unified security” concept and enriches the underlying solution architecture with advanced threat detection and response functions. By combining the new service with WatchGuard EDR, EPDR and Advanced EPDR, managed service providers are even better able to develop reliable and comprehensive security offerings for their customers and further boost value creation. The solution is supported by WatchGuard's automated Zero-Trust Application Service, Threat Hunting Service, advanced security analytics, threat intelligence, and a dedicated team of experienced cybersecurity analysts who monitor, detect, and respond to threats XNUMX/XNUMX.

“As a 100 percent channel-focused company, our primary goal was to offer our MSP partners an enterprise-class MDR solution that allows them to grow their business without having to build their own SOC or face additional challenges in finding one Cybersecurity professionals must master,” said Andrew Young, chief product officer at WatchGuard Technologies. “The goal is to support our MSP community. In this context, the introduction of WatchGuard MDR is another important milestone that contributes to strengthening our trusting partner relationships. The service not only helps MSPs overcome existing barriers to entry to providing managed security services – it also enables them to capitalize on entirely new market opportunities with an innovative new solution we have developed specifically for them.”

The most important functional blocks and advantages of WatchGuard MDR

WatchGuard MDR is ideal for companies that want to immediately detect and mitigate threats without having to invest in a modern security operations center (SOC), sophisticated and expensive AI-based technology, or scarce cybersecurity experts. This opens up a whole new opportunity for managed service providers to improve their customers' security posture, expand their portfolio and generate recurring revenue.

The range of functions includes:

  • 24/7 endpoint activity monitoring and data collection: Enables real-time control and post-analysis based on event data captured by WatchGuard EPDR or Advanced EPDR in WatchGuard's modern SOC.
  • XNUMX/XNUMX proactive search and detection: AI, machine learning and other advanced techniques for identifying attack indicators help reduce the time to detect and respond to threats, while WatchGuard's human MDR threat hunters also search for threats lurking on endpoints.
  • 24/7 Investigation and Validation: The goal is to minimize the impact of potential threats by having WatchGuard experts quickly investigate and accurately validate incidents to determine the nature and severity of the threat.
  • Immediate incident notification: In the event of a validated incident, an immediate notification is sent with important information, such as the computers affected and the tactics used, so that targeted action can be taken immediately.
  • Mitigation tips and flexible remediation options: A wide variety of attack remediation options are available for maximum design freedom. The WatchGuard MSP team works behind the scenes to contain and remove traces of an attack, restore data, patch vulnerabilities, and install additional controls. If desired, the WatchGuard team can also take action directly. Containment and isolation of endpoints is carried out using automated processes developed by WatchGuard's MDR experts.
  • Weekly security status report and monthly activity reports: Regular reports on the security status help to strengthen customer trust, especially on the MSP side. These reports can be customized at any time and make it possible to appear completely transparent to customers.
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About WatchGuard

WatchGuard Technologies is one of the leading providers in the field of IT security. The extensive product portfolio ranges from highly developed UTM (Unified Threat Management) and next-generation firewall platforms to multifactor authentication and technologies for comprehensive WLAN protection and endpoint protection, as well as other specific products and intelligent services relating to IT security . More than 250.000 customers worldwide rely on the sophisticated protection mechanisms at enterprise level,


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